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Interactive Debate

Selected International CIO's will be presenting keynotes as well as participating in interactive panel discussions. Hear best practice case studies from over 30 CIO guest speakers and industry experts. Experience 2 full days of unrivaled business opportunities.

Re-educate yourself on industry trends and developments. Hear and learn how to deliver IT innovation to support the accelerating rate of change and to enable your enterprise to seize new opportunities.

Examine the potential for Cloud and BI solutions when paired with mobile technology.

The summit has been strategically developed to enable the convergence of enterprise and technology leaders, allowing attendees to explore the future of IT with cloud and virtualisation, and how cloud computing is fundamentally transforming the way in which we think about, acquire and use computing resources.

Share experiences with internationally renowned guests and industry experts, providing invaluable opportunities to discover next-generation transformations from a cutting edge conference agenda addressing critical industry cloud computing, virtualisation and enterprise-related issues.

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